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: Our history

Our history

Exeter College was formed in 1970 and celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2020.

Today the college employs more than 1,000 people who help to educate more than 11,000 others.

The Hele Road campus has, over the years, grown in a developed way to accommodate this increase – and the college has added new purpose-built teaching accommodation in other parts of the city.

The college now needs to consider the best way of meeting the needs of our students and our local community. Continuing short-term growth in and around the Hele Road and Queen Street city centre sites is not possible.

At the same time, the college is keen to stay at the heart of the city, so does not wish to relocate to a new ‘out-of-town’ site.

As a result, the college is preparing a new Masterplan which looks at the best way of redeveloping the Hele Road site in a strategic way with defined stages of growth, increasing space alongside the growth in student numbers. At today’s prices, the work involved in bringing this masterplan to fruition will cost an estimated £70 million.

The Masterplan seeks to preserve and enhance the most historic buildings on the site and protect the sensitive heritage context of the wider area while opening up as much green space as possible for the benefit of students, staff and our neighbours.

The nine-storey college tower which dominates the site will be replaced by a modern, fit-for-purpose building which is currently proposed at six storeys at its highest point.

Website terms and conditions