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Economic impact

Exeter College has been providing further education to the people of the city since 1970 when it was established as the first tertiary college in the UK, bringing together a number of sixth forms and the Exeter Technical College.

Today the college helps to shape the future of education by delivering excellence in all aspects of our work, in order to realise the ambitions of our learners, city and region.

Our vision is to be an exceptional college.To achieve our vision we are seeking to build on our outstanding success, history and upward trajectory by recognising that we cannot afford to stand still. We aim to have a positive and demonstrable contribution to the economy of the heart of the South West. Exeter College

has a significant economic impact within Exeter and the South West broadly. It is estimated that the local impact generated by Exeter College is an estimated £42.3million each year, supporting directly and indirectly 1,107 FTE jobs. The total impact of the college over the next two decades is estimated to be around £841.6m.

We value the important role we play in Exeter and Devon, and the sustained partnerships we have been fortunate to develop. Above all, we are proud to be part of the local community we are here to serve.

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