Exeter College Masterplan Consultation


Evolution of the Masterplan

In establishing a Masterplan, it was important to:

Work with the existing landscape and utilise the existing topography

Identify key arrival points and define a route through the site

Rationalise spaces between buildings and allow the site to ‘breathe’

Reinforce the settings of elements to be retained and respond to views out from the site.

It was also vital to respond to the listing of heritage assets, as well as to ensure that the Masterplan enhanced the existing street scene including that along St David’s Hill.

A key aim of the Masterplan is to make the best use of green space on the Hele Road site, opening it up as much as possible to benefit both students and local people.

Running through the site is a new pedestrian route from the entrance by the General Buller statue to a new pedestrian entrance at the Howell Road side of the campus which reinforces and improves the link between St. David’s Station and the City Centre.

This new entrance will help to open up the large area of green space to the north of the site.

This ‘landscape spine’ continues to opens up the green spaces within the site, while at the same time it is designed to reduce the number of people using David’s Hill and New North Road to access the college.

Public access to parts of the site may be limited at times to ensure the safety of the young people in the college’s care, but the college wants as many people as possible to be able to use and enjoy its facilities such as the @34 Restaurant and the H2B Salon and Spa.

The sketches on this page show the general evolution through the Proposed Emerging Concept, into the proposals as they are today, which can be seen on the next page.

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